Why We Do This

I have had an overwhelming love for dogs since childhood. With three dogs of our own, we are always very conscious of what we feed them. I noticed that our dogs were starting to develop tarter and was very concerned about the dangers of rawhides and bones, that’s when I set out to find a way to make a digestible alternative that was not made from animal bones.

After reading about the benefits of sweet potatoes and knowing how much our dogs enjoyed them it seemed like the perfect solution. We prepared some for our dogs and were amazed at how much buildup it removed from their teeth. We gave some to our friends to try and got the same results with their dogs. Now here we are making Snook's Sweet Potato Dog Chews™ for our dogs and yours, and have expanded our love and concern for animals into Snook's Natural Care Products and Snook's Herbal & Nutritional Supplements.

Thank you for your support of our 100% woman-owned business!

Patrice, Lance and Memphis
Forever in our hearts, our founders
Woody, Maggie, Ginger, Ayla Jean and Franklin

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