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Snook's Sweet Potato Dog Chew - Dog Fancy Editors' Choice Winner 2010

Bee Pollen Has Miko
Playing Again

Miko has been suffering from severe pain and stiffness for a couple years now and was having trouble with stairs and getting up from lying down. Couldn't make it on walks any more or many of his favorite activities. We tried medications and glucosamine supplements, without much improvement. After several months of these expensive treatments that didn't help much, we stopped and had given up much hope. Then we tried Snook's Bee Pollen Supplement. After just a couple days he was looking better than in a long while. After a week he was cruising up and down stairs and rough house playing with our other dog Gus. He actually smiles again! Thank You Snook's!
Above photo: Miko (right), at 9 years old and 216lbs, once again likes to play with 5 year old pal Gus (116lbs.)


Buddy enjoys a Snook's Sweet Potato Dog Chew in bed.

Jackson proudly displays his Snook's Sweet Potato Chew

Even puppies enjoy their Snook's Sweet Potato Dog Chews

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My dog Blitz loves his Snook's chew

Higgins settles in to enjoy his 100% organic all natural Sweet Potato Dog Chew

More Active and Alert with Bee Pollen Supplement

I have been using your Bee Pollen Supplement for about 3 months now and what a difference in my 12 year old mixed shepherd. Within 4 days we all saw a big change in her. Even friends would come over and notice how she had changed. She is more active and alert than she has been in years. She wags her tail and has a "skip" in her walk. She had stiffness in her back legs and that seems to have cleared up and she feels so much better! I am so glad to have met you at the Saturday Market in Portland. It was a "by chance" meeting, but I believe it was meant to be! My friend was the one looking at your products and I just happened to be glancing over the testimonials when I read one that caught my attention about Bee Pollen. I asked you about it and that was all it took! Your knowledge and love of animals came right through and I felt comfortable in purchasing your products to try. I also purchased your Sweet Potato Treats and our dog, Rosie loves them! Thanks Patrice for making a difference in our dogs senior years and ours too! —Connie Johnson, Whittier, CA



Patrice on the beach with Woody and Maggie

What People Are Saying About
Snook's Pet Products, LLC

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Thank You for a Wonderful Product!

I just want to Thank You for a wonderful product! My puppy and senior "baby" really enjoy your products. I love that you are local (in the US) and the product is a healthy based product! I am so hesitant to buy anything made off shore (ie China) as their focus is not the same as yours!

I will be recommending your products to all my friends with 4 leg children! Also, Thank you for your commitment to customer service! I received my order promptly - earlier than i thought! You truly are a wonderful organization to do business with! —Debbie Saito

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

My sister found your [sweet potato] product at the Portland Saturday Market earlier this year, and gave my Lola and Moses (Boston Terriers) a rope of chews for Christmas. Lola always hides her bones and any other kind of chew product. With just a bit of prodding (we licked the chew so she could smell it), she was all over it! She has no interest in burying them outside.

Trying to find some locally, I found that other sweet potato chews in natural pet food stores were tremendously expensive. I'm glad I had the sense to retrieve the Snook's tag out of the garbage - it was worth the ick factor. My order arrived yesterday, and I wanted to say thanks! The dogs were crying at the counter where I'd placed the bag. They were in heaven last night with their Snook's dog chews! Tonight we'll add using the Tooth Oil.

I really wanted to say this is a great product. Not only will I be purchasing more, but you will definitely get lots of word of mouth advertising from me. —Valerie Lescantz

My Dogs Love Them!

I would like to carry your sweet potato treats in my natural pet supply store in Maryland. How do I go about doing that? My dogs love them and can't get enough! Thanks, –Stacy Baron's K-9 Country Store

We Are Hooked

We are hooked! Reddi, our 5 month old puppy not only loves munching on your sweet potato chews but he loves tossing it in the air and teasing us with it. Keeps our puppy happy (especially those those times when he is restricted to his crate) which is a good thing if you know what I mean. Thanks for a great product! –Cathy

He Loves Sweet Potatoes
More Than Any Other Treat

I found your products at the Portland Saturday Market and was intrigued. My dog, a Terrier, is chronically itchy and has an issue with his tummy and tartar as well. I bought your small hemp rope sweet potato chew and he gets so excited whenever I get out the rope that I have to stand over him to be sure he doesn't devour it all in one sitting! He LOVES the sweet potatoes more than any treat I've given him and it doesn't upset his tummy like other treats. I was also very impressed with your knowledge about dogs' overall health and the nutritional supplements I can give him that will greatly improve his quality of life. I'm in the process of changing his dog food so it's too soon to know the results but I'm sure he'll soon enjoy a great improvement of his overall itchiness. I'll check back in a couple months with an update. Thank you so much! –Lisa

These Chews are Great!

These chews are GREAT! Our Bassetts immediately went crazy over them. No nasty residue, leaves breath sweet and clean-smelling, and best of all, no nasty rawhide. We have to take the chews away, or they will devour in one sitting. Great product, great idea - good luck! –Kathy, Anchorage, AK



So Good, Dogs Want to Eat them Two at a Time!
I just bought some of your Dog Chews. The dogs love them! It was so funny, one was trying to put two in his mouth at the same time. You have a great product and I wish you guys the best. — Norma

100% Sweet Potato Dog Chews
Loved by Dogs with Allergies

It was a pleasure meeting you at Portland Saturday Market. Our dogs have enjoyed your sweet potato treats for a little while now. Our Lab/Pitbull mix has had such horrible allergies since he was a puppy. We actually thought that at one point his quality of life was in jeopardy and actually contemplated putting "down." We have since changed his diet to non-wheat products and only give him non-wheat treats and it's made a huge difference in his life. He still has some slight allergies but nothing like he had before we switched his food. He loves his sweet potato treats a lot! Thanks! — Jeanne

This is a Fan Letter

This is a fan letter - my two Jack Russells absolutely LOVE the Sweet Potato Dog Chips. I purchased them at Wags! in Eugene, Oregon. I'd recently started sharing a bite or two of a baked sweet potato with my two little guys after learning how good sweet potatos are for dogs. With the sweet potato dog chips I now have this treat available all the time, not just when I bake sweet potatos for lunch or dinner. Thank you again for this imaginative and dog-approved treat! –Miss Jan

A Great Natural Product

I live in England and was recently visiting Eugene, Oregon and I came across your sweet potato dog chips in "Wags" dog store. Since arriving home in England my dogs have been enjoying your sweet potato chips with gusto! You sweet potato chips will complement their natural diet nicely. Thanks for a great natural product. –Coni

Even Fussy Dogs Love It

We are from Maui and went to the Portland Saturday Market to look around. We found your booth and were fascinated in your products. We bought the two medium hemp rope chews and my daughter returned back to Maui. She gave them the treats and they took it to their bedding. They ate the whole thing so fast and were looking for more. The younger dog is fussy and she was the very one that was eating it first. So your product is great. Will recommend this to everyone. Great job in coming up with this product. –Diane

Enjoy Doesn't Describe It!

I got some Snook's Sweet Potato Chips from JoAnne at the Critter Corner in Kanab, Utah about three weeks ago when visiting Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. I had never seen this product before, but have given sweet potatoes to my dogs, retired racing Greyhounds. I thought they might enjoy these. Wrong! Enjoy is too weak a word! They absolutely love them and there is an added benefit, too. Retired racers have notoriously bad teeth, and the Sweet Potato Chips do a wonderful job of knocking off tarter and helping keep their teeth clean. (Thank you!)—Nancy Waddell

Heaven is Online for My Dogs

We received our sweet potatoes in the mail today and my doggies are in HEAVEN! We've been out for awhile and they were having withdrawals... they don't like milk bones/ dog bones/ rawhides, etc. (and I don't trust giving them to them anymore anyway!)... They just want SNOOKS sweet potatoes! Thank you so much for making them! We Love SNOOKS!!! :) —Missy

Fabulous Products!

My dog Sissy and I both thank you for your fabulous products and helpful pet care suggestions. We congratulate you on this expansion of your business, and wish you much success in the future. You deserve it. –Jason


Our Dog Smells Great!

I found your dog shampoo at a pet store in Portland. We have tried many shampoos but we really love yours we get many compliments on the smell of our dog. Thank you! —Marcia Lyons

Thanks for Providing such Great Products!

I visited Wag's in Eugene, Oregon and found your products. So far I've tried the Shampoo and the Calming Spray. AWESOME products. I look forward to trying other products in your line. Thanks for loving dogs and for providing such great products that are good for dogs. Keep it up! –Loida

Calming Spray, Good Products for Dogs

I visited Wag's in Eugene, Oregon and found your products. So far I've tried the shampoo and the Calming Spray, AWESOME products. I look forward to trying other products in your line. Thanks for loving dogs and for providing such great products that are good for dogs. Keep it up!—Loida

Tooth Oil Makes Real Difference,
and Easy to Use

We have 4 retired greyhounds that suffer from different dental problems and I have to keep up on their teeth faithfully. In the past we have used toothpaste made for dogs but were not always happy with the ingredients. We bought the package you donated to the raffle for the Boys and Girls Club which came with a Snook's Tooth Oil and some Sweet Potato Chews and Chips. The Snook's Sweet Potatoes were a hit of course but Wow what a difference the Tooth Oil makes. Not only is your Tooth Oil easier to use but the ingredients or actually good for our dogs. Thank you for all the thought you put into your products. —Edna Sager

Happy Pit Bull with Snooks Herbal Salve

Yeah for Snook's Herbal Salve. Our pit bull has been chewing his paws for 2 years now and we have tryed everthing including steroids that have more side effects than benefits. After following your advice to switch to a grain free dog food and treating his paws daily with your slave George's feet are almost completely healed. He seems so much happier. Thank you for the great products and the advice. See ya soon at the Portland Saturday Market. —Jenny Robinson


WOW! Your stuff looks AMAZING! Can't wait to try it on my two dogs! –Tony from CT


She Can Hear For The First Time!

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased Sweet Potato Chips and the ear oil from you at the Saturday Market in Portland. My dogs absolutely love the sweet potato chips and i just placed an order for the 5 lb. bag. But the main reason I'm writing is to let you know how wonderful your ear oil is. We got a Westie from the Humane Society about 6 years ago. She was there because she has chronic ear infections and the owners could not take care of them any longer. Everything that we have tried, from the vet and over the counter have just been short term, have never truly cleared them up and have been expensive. Since using your product, she is like a new dog (she is 15 years old). She can hear for the first time since we got her. She is playing with our other 1 year old Westie, and seems to enjoy her life now. Thank you so much for your product. I wish I had found it years ago! –Julie

I Love Your Ear Oil For Dogs!

I love your ear oil for dogs. It really helped my dogs get rid of their ear infections. –Aliesha

No Longer Suffering From Chronic Ear Infections

My dog has suffered from cronic ear infections for years. After using your ear oil and making some dietary adjustments my dog is doing great. He no longer suffers from ear problems. Thank you for the great ear oil and information. –Shirley and Benjie

Her Ears Are Completely Clear!

I had to email you to tell you how well your ear oil worked. We bought some from you a couple of weeks ago at Saturday Market. Our little Sheltie has food allergies and had been producing more than normal wax in her ears as a result. We have her on a very restricted diet, but the was has continued to build up. We have had to put her under twice to have her ears cleaned due to the build up. We have gotten different ear drops and ear cleaners from our vet that have not helpped. Our next step was to take her to a specialist. We just happened by your booth at Saturday Market and I saw the ear drops. I liked the fact that it was all natural and smelled so good. Since it's all natural, I thought it was worth a try. I am so glad we tried it. It's only been a couple of weeks, but her ears are completely clear. It really is amazing -- it worked so well and so quickly. The other ear drops and cleaners didn't seem to help. But your ear drops did the trick. And Misty doesn't mind them nearly as much as the other drops. Thank you so much!! –Cindy Hardy

Flea Free, Looking Good and Smelling Great!

Hey Snook's it was so nice meeting you at the Portland Saturday Market. We have been using the Flea Tea and Flea Supplement for about 6 weeks now and not only do we love how or dog smells but his skin and coat look great. No fleas so far this year and we swear it is the supplement and tea dip. It is the only thing we are doing different and the last couple years we have had a real problem with fleas. Our dog goes to day care and off leash parks where I know there are fleas but so far they are leaving him alone. Thank you, Woof Woof! —Eric Taylor


The Itching Has Calmed Down...

Thank you for the sample of the Snook's Detox Skin solution we have already seen a huge difference in our dog and it has only been 5 days. His skin is no longer pink and hot and his itching has calmed down. I just placed an order online but wanted you to know how happy we were with the results. Thank you —Angie Salisbury

Bladder Solution Makes for a Happy Home!

Good news our little Annie hasn't peed in our bed or furniture, still a tinge of urine, but nothing like it was. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! We are so happy that we went with your Bladder Solution in instead of diapers. Thanks again, and I'll keep in touch. —Jenn Rohlfes

No Nightime Outings

Well we can't believe it. After trying every natural product available for incontinence on the market we came across your Snook's Bladder Solution and after only 2 weeks we are seeing major improvement. Not only is she having far less accidents she is not having to go out 2-3 times during the night which is great for everyone. Thanks again for making such great products. —Mandy Willson


The Best Products Out There

These are the best products out there. Healthy and loved by my dogs and my customer's dogs. Thanks for sharing your treats and supplements with us. –Donna

Allergy Free with Bee Pollen

I purchased the Bee Pollen Supplement from you at the Portland Saturday market. You said it would help allergies and it certainly does. Copper has stopped itching, licking his paws and his ears have cleared up. Unfortunately, I ran out of the supplement and all his symptoms reappeared within one week. I've ordered from your web site and won't run out again! Thanks for a great product. —Pam Kamerer

Remarkable Difference with Bee Pollen

Hi Guys, it's Jenn ain with Annie and Forest here in North Bend, I'm going to need more Bee Pollen, and drops for Annie, as I see a remarkable difference in both. —Jenn

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