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Snook's Sweet Potato Dog Chew - Dog Fancy Editors' Choice Winner 2010


Sweet Potato Dog Chips Featured Treat at Pet Birthday Party

We purchased a bag of your Snook's Sweet Potato Dog Chips at the Portland Pet Fair and our three Beagles love them! We are telling all our friends and sending your link to them. Thanks for creating an alternative to rawhides! Snook's Sweet Potato Dog Chips will be a feature treat at our pet's birthday party in July! I think we may use them as prizes for the guest dogs during the party games. Good luck to you! —Steph and Gary Frye

Dosha enjoys his Snook's Sweet Potato Chew while strolling along the waterfront.


Patrice on the beach with Woody and Maggie

About Us

My husband and I have had an overwhelming love for dogs since childhood. We have three dogs of our own, and are always very conscious of what we feed them. We noticed that our dogs were starting to develop tarter and were very concerned about the dangers of rawhides and bones. That’s when we set out to find a way to make a digestible alternative that was not made from animal bones.

After reading about the benefits of sweet potatoes and knowing how much our dogs enjoyed them it seemed like the perfect solution. We prepared some for our dogs and were amazed at how much buildup it removed from their teeth. We gave some to our friends to try and got the same results with their dogs. Now here we are making Snook's Sweet Potato Dog Chews™ for our dogs and yours, and have expanded our love and concern for animals into Snook's Natural Care Products and Snook's Herbal & Nutritional Supplements.

Thank you for your support!
Chris, Patrice, Woody, Ginger and Maggie Snook


Woody Snook - We love you!This is a letter to celebrate the life of my beautiful friend Woody.

On July 27th 1997 I received one of the most important gifts of my life; this day also happened to be my birthday. When I look back I realize this gift came from a very unlikely source though through this amazing gift I found my path to personal growth, success and forgiveness. This gift was Woody my Jack Russell, my muse and one of the biggest loves of my life.

Our journey together began with many struggles and lots of ups and downs. Through it all he has always been by my side helping guide me to my destiny, find my passion, make a living but most of all find self worth - I will be forever thankful to him.

Woody had an amazing life full of love, friends, good food, great veterinary care, big yards, unlimited sweet potato treats and the best dad in the world who loved him as much as I did.

Woody was diagnosed at 9 years old with a very serious heart condition. Through the years we've had many scares but his will to live has always kept his little ticker going. He never ceased to amaze us all, especially his veterinarians. Woody lived 5058 days which made him 16 years 7 months and 4 days old. His tough little heart held out till the end but his little soul container was so tired he was ready to move on.

Woody will be greeted by his two friends who passed before him Maggie and Ginger Snook. They were friends for over 14 years and I'm sure they must have missed each other.

I am posting this very personal message not only to thank Woody but to thank all of you fellow animal lovers - your compassion, love and continued support of us and our business is humbling. I feel so blessed on this very sad day I know I will miss my baby boy more than I can even imagine at this time but my heart is still so thankful.

RIP WOODY SNOOK aka baby boy - my life will not be the same without you. Thank you for everything you've given me.



Out To Pasture Sanctuary

Out to Pasture Sanctuary tenants enjoying a Sunday repastA spectacular Sunday dinner thanks to Food Fight! Grocery and Snook's Pet Products LLC. Thank you Food Fight! Grocery for your weekly veggie donations and Snook's for the gigantic pile of sweet potato chunks.







click to view Snook's Sweet Potato Dog ChewsSnook's Sweet Potato Dog Chew
Editors' Choice Winner 2010
from Dog Fancy magazine


Snook's reviewed in Rachael Ray's blog Excerpt

Snook's featured in Rachael Ray's blogSnook's reviewed in Rachael Ray's blog Excerpt from Going Green at the Go Green Expo "On top of the body work for dogs, the folks at Animals Healing offer a curious product called Snooks Sweet Potato Dog Chews. I was roped in by the sign that read “tested on humans”…cute. Anyway I bought a sample bag, and when I got home my supposedly 100% carnivorous dog went nuts for this vegan treat. Apparently it’s much better for her than the rawhides I sometimes buy, which can gum up in doggie tums. A must try." by Evette [read more at]


Made for dogs... tested on humans
Jack Russell terrier Woody is inspiration
behind their business

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Pigs discover bedtime snacks
Jack the pig enjoys his nightly routine of Snook's Sweet Potato chews...

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